We design and facilitate end-to-end programs and offer customized solutions to fuel your existing initiatives. We have a range of innovation programs, can be formed and tailored to your needs by our consultants with a track record of success.


Corporate Executive Training

1-15 participants, incl. middle management to C-Level executives. 1-5 day intensive courses based on customer needs. Participants decide what sort of knowledge and tools will best facilitate their innovation efforts. The final program is based on participants’ insights and DGeneration’s proven research. DGeneration Executive Education Programs are uniquely designed to help companies achieve and maintain Innovation Excellence.

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Innovation Champions

Without employee engagement, no company will foster innovation. We train and equip next innovation leaders. We use our proven innovation framework and tools from market assessment to prototyping. The program encourages companies to empower their staff to become innovation champions, regardless of their role in the organization.

Derived from a 6-month program through three stages:
STAGE 1: Training
STAGE 2: Development
STAGE 3: Implementation

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Corporate Innovation Pilot

We understand that business is fast, and you are busy. If you have no time for a comprehensive program, this is for you. This 22-days intensive pilot program aims to take innovation teams from office to the field and run a rapid innovation cycle in few weeks. It starts with need assessment and deliveries pretotypes at the end. Learn how to put the focus on your customer needs and pain points. Apply our tools that are designed based on Design Thinking, Lean and Agile methodologies to explore real innovation opportunities. Then, formulate value proposition, ideate different scenarios, develop an MVP and validate with early customers.

STAGE 1: Fast Training
STAGE 2: Discovery & Development
STAGE 3: Validation & Iteration

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Innovation Bootcamp

This 5-Days intensive training program is designed for innovation/R&D/strategy and growth teams. It is for fast-moving companies that would like to taste our unique innovation approach “Market Driven Innovation” and get fast results. The program develops an agile mindset and way of working through proven tools and techniques. Market Driven Innovation approach is developed based on Blue Ocean Strategy, Jobs To Be Done, Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies. Understand your customer, reconfigure your products/services and go beyond competition. At the end of the bootcamp, you will have validated ideas not only to disrupt the market but create your own niche.

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Innovation 360 Transformation

This 12-months comprehensive program injects innovation DNA to established companies and build a culture of innovation. We do not only practice the best-known tools and our proven innovation methods but also transform the organizations and change the mindset of employees. The program starts with innovation maturity assessment. It can be formed and tailored to company needs according to level of organizational maturity. This program may include designing innovation processes, re/organization of innovation teams, innovation road mapping,  innovation lab creation, building innovation teams, formulating innovation strategy, empowering innovation leaders and piloting at least one venture from idea generation to validation.

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