DGeneration continuously develops and practices
new-gen innovation methods.

We have a powerful toolbox.
We are inspired by Blue Ocean Strategy, Jobs To Be Done Theory, Design Thinking and Lean Management.

We create our own approach and techniques
based on years of experience in various industries.


Strategic Innovation

  • Is innovation a part of your business strategy? If not, good luck! The relationship between strategy and innovation is vital. Innovation without a clear strategy is useless and a business without innovation cannot stand for the next century.
  • Firms rarely articulate strategies to align their innovation efforts with their business strategies. A company without an innovation strategy won’t be able to make trade-off decisions. Without an innovation strategy, different parts of an organization can easily wind up pursuing conflicting priorities—even if there’s a clear business strategy.
  • We start with a strategy. Then, we design all organizational components around it. At the end,we commit strategically-driven innovative organizations.

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